-Narrow profile keeps wood from flaring out
-Hydraulic 4 way wedge goes below the beam so you can split two ways without removing your wedge
-4 way and 6 way wedges are attached to the hydraulic cylinder so they don’t ride up when splitting
“Built-Rite's” tow from both ends so you can tow away from the pile or on the highway Large Capacity Hydraulic tanks keep the system running cool
Easy starting and reliable Honda motors
Separator Grate
-Acts as a wood tray to hold for resplits
-Separates out the bark and chips for a clean woodpile
-Guides wood into a conveyor
  Optional log lift to give the operator’s back a rest when loading those large chunks
Compact size yet heavy duty the 11 HPWS is ideal for most firewood operations. With a fast 6 second cycle time the 11 HPWS can split up to 3 cords/hr. If your fast enough to feed it
  - 11 Horsepower Honda gas engine
- Autocycle valve
- Hydraulic 4 way wedge
- Custom built 4" cylinder with a 3" rod produces a six second cycle time
- Chip and Bark seperator grate
  - 6,8, and 10 Way Wedges
- Log Lifter
- 5" cyl. 25 ton 10 sec cycle
- 32",36" & 48" stroke

Designed specifically for tree services and large commercial firewood splitting operations the 24HPWS commercial firewood splitter is in a class of it's own!
Because it has a 24 HP engine we are able to use a single stage hydraulic pump has 3 advantages over 2-stage pumps:

1. When used with our custom 4 1/2" x 24" cyl. you get a true 8 sec. cycle time (2-stage pumps slow to a crawl when splitting tough chunks).
2. Single stage pumps run cooler than 2 stage pumps.
3. Single stage pumps are rebuildable - 2 stage pumps are not.

  - 24 HP engine
- 15" High wedge
- 4-Way and 6-Way Wedge
- Tool box
- 25 Gal. hyd. and 17 gal. gas tank
- Extra heavy duty push block
- Chip and Bark Seperator Grate
  - 8, and 10 Way Wedges
- 35 HP Kubota diesel engine
- Hydraulic log lift