18 HP

The 18 HP is simply the fastest, most well built compact firewood processor on the market. It can produce up to 4 full cord/hr. with ideal wood, saving you time and labor. The 18 HP firewood processor is equipped with a 7 1/2′ live deck and the 25″ hyd. chainsaw allows fast cutting of logs up to 20″ in diameter. Powered by a 49H.P. Kohler Diesel and equipped with a triple pump to allow cutting and splitting at the same time, the 18 HP firewood processor is high performance at an economy price!




  • Infeed System Cutting Capacity Live Deck
  • 49HP Kohler Diesel

  • Triple Pump

  • Multi-Wedge
  • Powered Feed Rolls
  • 20” diam. x 22’ long
  • 7 1/2’ 2 Strand

 Available Options

  • Triple Multi-Wedge
  • Three Strand Live Deck