40 HP

A powerful high speed 25” hydraulic chainsaw with a Oregon processor bar and a .404 chain

Patented Built-Rite Scissor Clamp holds straight or crooked logs from 4” to 22” in diameter more securely than any other clamping system on the market

A 3 strand live deck that can handle 8’ to 24’ logs and 22” in diameter

The New splitter trough design is v shaped to center even the smallest blocks so you get a straight split every time

The AutoSplit and Auto Stop feature allows you to feed your logs to the perfect length and split your blocks by the push of a button

The New in-feed design comes standard with 7 hourglass rolls designed to bring the log to the middle for a straight cut, this machine can handle even the most crooked and knotty logs.

Powered by a 74 H.P engine the 40 SCPHP can power through logs at a clip of 4.56 cords an hour depending on wood

The NEW Triple Multi-wedge allows you to split 2,4,6, and 8 or 10 ways without removing wedges. You simply pull a lever to move whichever wedge you are not using out of the way.