• 100 SCP

  • 100 H.P. Kubota Diesel coupled with a quadruple stage pump produces a 4 second cycle time with power to spare

  • 52" Circular Saw blade makes quick work of logs up to 20" in diameter. Using a circular saw reduces maintenance costs and cycle time.

    Patented Built-Rite Double Scissor Clamp holds straight or crooked logs from 4” to 20” in diameter

    The 100 SCP comes standard with a heavy duty 3 strand live deck

  • Heated cab to keep you comfortable and dry all year long. Joystick Controls to provide a user friendly experience.

    The NEW Triple Multi-wedge comes standard allowing you to split 2,4,6, and 8 or 10 ways without.

    The New splitter trough design is v-shaped to center even the smallest blocks. Blocks can be repositioned in the splitter trough with the block turner without leaving the cab.

    The New Built-Rite Infeed Roller System uses 7 hour glass rolls to handle your most crooked logs while still ensuring a straight cut

  • The 100 feeds each log onto the trough with a 10’ three strand live deck with log stops. The hourglass feed roll system brings your knotty logs forward with ease before they are cut with the heavy duty 2 gauge blade. To eliminate rocking after each cut, the blade moves up and down on a maintenance free guide wheel system. Blocks can be repositioned with the block turner before you split them 2, 4, 6, or 10 ways with the triple multi-wedge. All controlled by user friendly joystick controls in the comfort of a heated cab.

    When you combine all the features of the 100 SCP:
    Triple Multi-Wedge, Powered Feed Rollers, 52" Vertical Circular Saw, Block Turner, 4 Second cycle time, 100 HP Kubota Diesel, Heavy-Duty Live Deck with Log Stops, Joystick Controls, Heated Cab
    It is possibly the best firewood processor ever built.

  • Specifications

    - Power Unit – 100 HP Kubota Diesel
    - Pump – Quadruple pump allowing you to cut and split at the same time
    - Splitter Cyl. Size – Custom Built 5 X 24 welded w/ 3.5" rod producing 30 tons of splitting force and built for years of service
    - Blade – 52" 40 tooth 2 gauge .284 thickness
    - Wedge – 2 way, 4 way, 6 way, 10 way
    - Feed System – Powered Hourglass Feed Rolls
    - Deck – Extra Heavy Duty Live Deck with Log Stops
    - Hydraulic Tank – 70 Gal
    - Fuel Tank – 50 Gal
    - Machine Weight – 12,500 lbs
    - Transport Length – 25’ 10"
    - Transport Width – 8’

  • Available Options

  • - Air conditioner
    - Adjustable stroke from 24-32"