The Built-Rite team has set about to build the fastest, most reliable, and easiest to operate firewood processing equipment on the market right here in Vermont.

  • 5 Reasons to Choose Built-Rite

  • 1. We are the innovators of the industry

    Here are some Built-Rite Firsts:

    - First and only manufacturer to have the Patented Multi-Wedge System
    - First and only manufacturer to have the Patented Scissor Clamp design
    - First machines with a separator grate
    - First manufacturer to build a compact firewood processor. (The first 18 SCP was built in May of 1999 long before any other manufacturer built a small processor)
    - First live decks with log stops
    - First machines with auto infeed and auto split
    - First machines with a block turner for use in the splitter trough
    - First machines with a flipper tray to hold last block in place
    New for 2015 on all Firewood Processors
    - powered infeed rolls to handle the most crooked logs
    -All processors have a deep V-splitter trough to center even 3" bloc

    2. Experience

    The Built-Rite team has over 25 years of experience building woodsplitters, firewood processors, and conveyors.

    3. Service

    - We are a family owned business that allows us to give you uncomparable service.
    - When you call Built-Rite you talk directly to the owner instead of a middleman.

    4. Superior Product

    - With our many years of experience in the firewood business we have been able to use customer suggestion and lessons learned over time to fine tune what we believe to be the best, most efficient and most durable firewood processors, woodsplitters, conveyors, and rim crushers on the market.

    5. More For Your Money!!!

    - When you choose Built-Rite dollar for dollar and pound for pound you get the fastest, easiest to operate, most durable machines on the market.